My friend and I are selling our general admission pit tickets to Monumentour in Hartford, CT. The tickets are around $118 on stubhub and we’re asking for $100 each, including shipping.

you should buy them whee :)

really glad we finally got a band for Brookfest since we’ve had hip hop/rap types for the last few years in addition to having Mac Miller earlier this year

Oh wait

It just blows my mind that we have the money to get a big band or a few smaller but great ones, but we got who we got.

I get not everyone likes my less-main stream music, but there are plenty of “normal enough” bands we could get. Also, I’m open to seeing different genres than I normally like, but I heard disgusting lyrics of Gambino’s in the announcement video, and Diplo seems cool enough, but I refuse to pay for this.


Another Heart Calls - The All-American Rejects

I’ll never ask for anyone but you